Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SSyyyyyuuuuuhhhhh.....:-) part 2

there was somtin  i want to share wit u..from deep of my heart.but im not sure if it raleven to write it here or jus keep it safetly inside my heart and my mind..it's totatly hurt me much..im keep thinking about it curently and feels wana do somting wit it....but i dont know how?!...i know its totaly wrong!! but im still doing it..there's somtng like a big hole inside my heart to fill in...
wahhwahhwahh...sangat annoying dgn statment ini!@!!!!!!

aku nak simpan je dalam hati sbb korg sume takleh dipercayai!!!
hahahahahah sory..but its true laa..its about my life and death,...!!!
sorry all...aku akan simpan je dalam hati aku and menjadi barah sorg2!!!



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